Project Description


With customer service as our primary focus, we provide Digital Dailies Processing on-location or at our Atlanta facility.

Our systems feature custom software to streamline transcoding, color correction and preparation for a variety of editorial, visual effects and finishing workflows. Systems can be customized to support real-time playback of resolutions up to 4K, high frame rate cinematography, and stereoscopic 3D production.

Some of Our Features Include:

  • Dailies on-location or at Peachtree Media & Post facilities in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Integration with multiple types of edit systems: Avid, Final Cut and Premier Pro
  • Extensive camera format support
  • Detailed audio syncing and verification of all production metadata
  • Faster than real-time rendering of multiple deliverables
  • Dailies on set viewable on iPad and/or uploaded to secure online streaming providers
  • Integrated archiving to LTO or production raid hard drive with checksum verification
  • Comprehensive metadata visibility and query capability
  • On set visual effects and marketing pulls from dailies