Project Description

Editorial Online/Offline

Offline editing is the process of taking hours of footage and creatively modifying it to tell a story. Typically performed at lower resolutions than mastering quality, it allows the computers we edit with to run at incredible speeds. A creative offline editor’s role is to help bring your vision and story to life – Peachtree Media & Post employs some of the industry’s best.

At our Mid-Town location you can choose to utilize a small or large edit suite at competitive rates for Avid, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro editing sessions, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Many deck formats are available and can be included in your package.

Once the creative editorial is complete, we Online your material so it can be presented at it’s best quality. We work with projects of all types: Standard Definition, High Definition, 2K and 4K editing, finishing and compositing tools. We have the expertise to ensure a professional delivery with complete accuracy.

At Peachtree Media & Post, our online finishing editors are trained to ensure all aspects of your project run smoothly through color, mix and quality control. And, we customize our services to maximize and fit within your budget. Call us to discuss your project needs.